I’ve been aware of a huge limiting factor in my live band show from the very first gig.

That’s not to say we haven’t rocked to the max every performance we’ve done. People who’ve come in the past know the energy is mad high.

The limiting aspect lies in the fact that Hip Hop was born from sampling – taking a section of pre-recorded audio and adapting it in to a song to a whole new effect.

This sampling element has been one of the key aspects incorporated in to my coming EP and adds a huge amount of colour and character to the music.

Tying to replicate the EP’s soundscape using with only a drummer, bassist and vocalist, has been a massive challenge to say the least, because these samples weren’t played in their original form during the show.

That’s all about to change.



Over the past two months, I’ve been working in the studio creating dope backing tracks and samples to incorporate in to the live band set.

These elements include 808 drops, brass stabs, risers, vocal cuts, synths, piano keys, violins, percussion pieces and loads more.

Though they’re only added to the music as a means of colouring the backing, it’s changing the dynamic in a whole new way. It’s crushing the gap between what it was, and what it could one day be.

In creating the backing tracks, I’m actually hitting two nails on the head.

Firstly, I’m creating a fixed backing track that plays automatically when the music drops.

Secondly, this same backing track can have certain elements stripped from it, and instead handed over to a DJ who can scratch them, trigger them on sample pads, and maintain all those new elements manually.

Whether it’s played out automatically or handled on the fly, the impact will be huge and give us a lot more to bounce off, while filling the venue with the wall of music I have wanted to project from the beginning.

I’m nearing the completion of all of these tracks and when done, I’ll be taking them to the studio to be mixed and polished up.

I’m then gonna hire a venue for a private listening session, where the live band will perform on stage with a PA. I’ll adjust all the levels of each backing track while the guys rock out, making sure everything sits nicely in the mix. Full colour and full body.

All of this work will come to light at my next live band gig.

It will be a big moment.

On Thursday 10th of May, I’m going to be performing alongside two great acts – Cosmic Ninja and UK:ID.

My samples and backing track additions couldn’t come at a better time. These are DnB, Alt/Electronic rock influenced bands who put on shows with big synths, dance risers, and heavy drops along with live instruments.

Tickets are officially on sale and can be bought by myself (contact me here) or via Bristol Ticket Shop.

Event info:

Who – Madcap // Cosmic Ninja // UK:ID
What – Official Event Page
When – Thursday 10th May
Where – Louisiana, Bristol
How – Tickets @ £5 ADV // £6 OTD