Whats good, good people?

Fresh news:
First off, the Mr Wolf’s gig on Friday was the bomb. As many of you know, Kyru (the drummer for my live band) is heading to New Zealand for 3 months.
It was the last live band set I’ll be doing for the next quarter, and having a debut 45 minute set allowed me to present tracks from the EP and some unreleased tracks to you all for the first time.
Here’s one shot of the night I really liked:

Secondly, I’ll be filming by debut music video this weekend for the first single from my coming album, The Madcap EP.
This is going to be on Sunday 5th of November in Bristol centre. If you wanna get involved as an extra, hit me up on this website and I’ll see what I can do. It’s gonna be an awesome day – I’ve really pulled out all the stops and am basically in it for the ride now. It’s taken on it’s own momentum.

Third and final note, my debut DJ set is coming! Friday 10th of November, doors from 7:30pm.
And I’m pleased to say, the show has sold out.
That’s not to say tickets don’t become available when people have to cancel their purchase. So keep an eye out on the event info page in case.
This will be the first time anyone has ever heard all tracks from the EP, exactly as it will sound on the album release.
I’m slamming this joint with DJ SK, who produced some of the tracks on the album, acts as my live show DJ and is also a really good friend of mine from way back.
We’re currently cutting up the beats and having them mastered for the live show to boost everything to the max.
I want those 808’s to throw yaw backs out!