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The lyrics:
Yo it’s Madcap, I’ve got a message to spread
Give me two seconds out of your day to let it be said
I’m performing at The Underdog: Battle of the Bands
5th of August, 7:30. Scrap all of your plans
And come to The Fleece, Bristol
The Semi-Finals are based on your vote
Your presence is very vital
Tickets are 5 pounds, or 6 on the door
But first, here’s an opportunity for you all
As a thank you for watching this vid
I’m giving away a few tickets for those who wanna get lit
If you wanna get two tickets for free, all you gotta do
Is click on the screen and hit the ‘Share’ button
Simple and clean
And ’cause there’s two tickets, if you click it
And then your mate does, you double your chance straight up
Give it a bit of a chance, clicking is minimal and
You’re instantly entering into the winnings
And then in the middle of the week, the winner’s announced
If you wanna hop in The Fleece and rock it with me
After copping some free stubs, click the shit
Let’s get it poppin y’all

Event info:
Saturday 5th August
Doors open 7pm , closing 10:45pm
First act on at 7:30pm
Click here for The Underdog: Battle of the Bands Bristol event page link

Purchase tickets online or through me directly (PM me via my facebook page)

And remember – advance tickets are worth double votes!