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Addicted – Live Band Recording

Madcap on the mic, Josh slaying the bass, Kyru causing percussion concussion. All plugged into the system run by Eduardo the maestro. Why? I’m laying the live recording of Addicted to give venues a taste of how my coming EP tracks sound with a live band bombing the stage.

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1st place at Battle of the Bands

A huge thank you to everybody who came to the at The Fleece Bristol Battle of The Bands event last night. Me and my live band were stoked to have our debut performance at such a respected venue. We were blown away when we were announced the winners and it’s only supercharged me to bring…

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Debut Live Band Performance

A fresh start to 2017 and this year’s first gig booking confirmed. I’ll be performing a battle of the bands style set at the Fleece, Bristol with my live band for this event. Time of performance to be confirmed. Voting is put forward by the audience and the judges. This will be my first experience…

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People think living the dream’s having a million things to buy I think living the dream’s living extreme ‘til you sink or fly Falling out of planes to land on golden sands like, Here we go! Today I decided to hijack this plane while rocking a jumpsuit that made me feel like Bruce Lee (I’m…

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m u s i c

I’ve just recorded/mixed/mastered my new EP and am now performing this fresh material with my kick ass live band. While I sort the music video and release build etc, make sure you come and watch the live show and watch out for some free bonus tracks being released soon.

Here’s one of the joints I recently released, fresh from the cutting room floor of the EP. It’s available for free download on my new soundcloud page.



s h o w s

New and old gigs listed here. They’ll be confirmed here first so be sure to check back and check out my Facebook updates too.

10th Nov 2017 – The Exchange, Bristol
27th Sept 2017 – Mr Wolf’s, Bristol
2nd Sept 2017 – o2 Academy, Bristol
5th Aug 2017 – The Fleece, Bristol
2nd July 2017 – The Fleece, Bristol
16th June 2017 – The Fleece, Bristol (Headline)
8th June 2017 – The Thunderbolt, Bristol
27th May 2017 – The Thunderbolt, Bristol
27th Jan 2017 – The Fleece Bristol
25th Jan 2017 – Mr Wolfs, Bristol

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